Overweight body and its causes

Having a fat body because of more fats than are required for a healthy body is called overweight. It is very common today because of the unhealthy food that has being supplied to people, and people are not just having it to kill their hunger they are actually having unnecessary food, which has become a addiction for them.  In addition to that they are not living actively and do not indulge in many physical activities and all these reasons have led people to having an overweight body. Extra weight has become a very extreme health problem in all over the world. According to a report published in 2003 more than 1 billion people are facing obesity and overweight issue.

For reproductive, immune and hormonal system to work properly, there is very short amount of fats are required so that they can absorb the state of shock to prevent any damage to sensitive areas and to store for future use.  When people store too many fats in their bodies, these fats turn their bodies shape plump and unattractive, they also affect negatively to the movement of the body, the flexibility.  

Overweight body and its causes

The condition of the body if it is over weighted or not can be defined by the body mass index (BMI). A body will be considered overweight with BMI 25 and more than 25 to 30 will be considered pre-obesity. A person will be considered facing obesity with BMI of 30 and more than that. There are other methods to identify the amount of fats in a body.

The weight of a person body with calculation of his height is called body mass. The formula of calculation is that we divide the kilograms of the person’s weight to the square of his height in meters and this calculation gives us the weight which is required. This formula gives more accurate results than simply getting from the machine.

The body volume index is the invention of computer. It was a alternative to the BMI. It used software to create 3D images to differentiate a person with same BMI with different shape and weight. The fats on the abdomen are commonly known as central obesity and the BVI only measure the parts of the body where fats have been found rather than whole body.

There are many reasons for a person getting excessive weight, but the more common is taking extra calories but burning them less which can be a easy task with exercise and physical activities. Other factors which are causing this problem are eating disorder which mens when a person eat too much without any need and feeling hungry. It can be a genetic issue, hormonal imbalance can also cause this problem, taking less sleep than required is another reason and the biggest and most sensitive reason is taking too much stress, some people start eating abnormally if they are in stress and that can cause excessive weight because of extra calories.  

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