Different techniques to measure body weight

Over weight can cause many harmful problems. Some people face these issues but do not have a little idea why their health is not properly and why they are having these issues. Some people even do not have idea that they are overweight because they don’t know the required weight which they should have according to their mass and height. Some people consider themselves in good shapes and they think they have ideal but when they do to doctor or their physician for any health issue their doctor tells them that this problem is because of excessive weight that can be very shocking for those who were considering themselves very healthy and fit. This happen because people do not have idea how to measure their required weight. There are many methods to measure the current weight and the required.

The easiest way to measure it is to calculate it with probable perfect weight. It is a very ordinary method but it is not accurate one. You will never get the correct results while using this method. It only focus on the mass and ignore other factors such as height, muscle mass and body type.

Different techniques to measure body weight

The other method is with pinching the specific body part and judge the thickness of the folded skin that will give you the results of this measurement. By this method one can get the amount of fats located under the skin, the more fats body will be containing, and the more the thickness will be. By this one can estimate the total amount of fat a body is having. For some people the results can be accurate but in general it is just an assumption not a fix result. To assume it correctly one will need a great experience and knowledge, not any common person can judge through this process.

There is another system which is known as bioelectrical impedance analysis in which a small current get passed a body and the results can be find out with the resistance of it to the current. There is a difference between conducting electricity of mass and fat. This can give a direct amount of body fats, with the help of body fats. In past only professionals were use to apply this method with specific equipments but know people can purchase a test kit to perform it at home, it still required a little bit of training. It method has developed so much but still there are causes with can affect its results such as body temperature and hydration.

Another accurate result giving method is hydrostatic weighing. In this method a body needs to submerge fully into the water to calculate the fats by special equipments using while the body is still in water. They compare the body weight when it is dry to the wet form of the body. This method need care and proper application to give the more accurate results.

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